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* [[Standards:MMP | MUD Mapping Protocol]]
* [[Standards:MMP | MUD Mapping Protocol]]
* [[Standards:Discord_GMCP | Discord Rich Presence over GMCP]]
* [[Standards:Discord_GMCP | Discord Rich Presence over GMCP]]
* [[Standards:MUD_Client_Media_Protocol | Mud Client Media Protocol]]
== Lua == <!--T:12-->
== Lua == <!--T:12-->

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Welcome to the Mudlet Wiki!

About Mudlet

A cross-platform, open source, and super fast MUD client with scripting in Lua.

New to Mudlet? Why not start with the basics, or take a look at Mudlet Manual. Or perhaps you want to find the answer to a Frequently Asked Question. If you don't have it yet, download it - it's free, and works on Windows, macOS, and Linux computers.

Are you having troubles with Mudlet? We can help. Start here.

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MUD standards

We will preserve the documentation of MUD standards that may get lost (because the original site is breaking down or is already offline) as they are implemented in Mudlet. We may also look into developing some of them in the future.


Mudlet uses Lua! Learning it is really rewarding - take a look at excellent stuff like the Lua tutorial (has an intro+crash course), Learn Lua in 15 mins, Programming in Lua (official, but might be hard to follow) and various Lua tutorials.

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Interested in contributing to this site? Use the following links to learn more about MediaWiki: (Note that the following links are not related to Mudlet)