Mudlet Sponsorship Plan

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1. Potential costs

  • Better alternative - this is a regular pain
  • More parallel CI jobs - this would be a pleasant improvement
  • Save money for code signing certificates - this October we'll have to renew Apple ($99), Digicert will be coming up soon ($300+). Lots of money needed

2. Points from other creators

  • Publitize it regularly
  • Create a Discord role
  • Have the $1 tier
  • stickers :D (designed by stephen!)

3. Come up with reward ideas

  • Discord role
  • Private Q&A channel with devs


  • Getting your game listed
  • Putting advertising on

4. Investigate other platforms

Keneanung checked out other platforms that Github supports - none are all that popular and Patreon had the lowest fees.

5. Be mindful of doing it wrong

  • don't want anyone to feel left out - Mudlet is gonna be free, and we're not doing this to make people without money feel bad (practically speaking the amount that'll care will not be high, but still!)