Mudlet Sponsorship Plan

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Funding Goal Ideas

(those are yearly costs, they add up)

  1. $100 Apple code signing certificate
  2. $600 Windows code signing certificate from digicert ($499.00 for one year)
  3. $1050 Windows code signing certificate for 2 years from digicert ($475 per year, saves a bit of money)
  4. $1350 Additional windows CI job (would possibly allow us to create 64-bit windows binaries without delay, appveyor charges $25 per additional job per month)
  5. $???? Additional travis (macOS?) CI jobs (we'd need to contact travis support for a quote)
  6. Steam store listing? Windows store listing?
  7. Bounties for complicated projects?

Contributor Tier Ideas

  1. $1: Discord role
  2. $5: Private Q&A channel with devs. Participate in polls
  3. $10: Stickers (we'd need to design and order them first)
  4. $15: Coding livestreams topic selection (regularly, different topics, livestreams open to all)
  5. $25: Discord cool role
  6. $50: Mentioning on about page

Points from other creators

  • Publicize it regularly
  • Create a Discord role
  • Have the $1 tier
  • stickers :D (designed by Stephen!)
  • Coding livestreams
  • Coding Q&A videos
  • Live coding sessions of Mudlet scripts

Come up with reward ideas

Interesting ideas:

  • Discord role (or multiple tiered)
  • Private Q&A channel with devs
    • Alternatively a half-public channel, in that all can read answers, but not all can write
  • Stickers (we'd need to design and order them first)
  • Coding livestreams (regularly, different topics (Mudlet, scripts)?)
  • Mentioning on about page

Anti-ideas we are not implementing:

  • Getting your game listed
  • Putting advertising on

Investigate other platforms

Be mindful of doing it wrong

  • don't want anyone to feel left out - Mudlet is gonna be free, and we're not doing this to make people without money feel bad (practically speaking the amount that'll care will not be high, but still!)