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This is a collection of triggers for the generic mapper script that are too dangerous to be enabled for all games and should only be added on a per-game basis. Eventually we'd like to add the to the generic mapper script when it's able to enable patterns on a per-game basis.

Kingdoms of the Lost 2222

exit lines:

[inside: south->closed]

[field: north->closed *east *south->open west]

[field: *east west]

[city(very bright): north east south west up northwest]

regex for the above: \[.+: (.+)\] (regex101)

Reinos de Leyenda

map translate north norte n
map translate south sur s
map translate east este e
map translate west oeste w
map translate northwest noroeste no
map translate northeast noreste ne
map translate southwest suroeste so
map translate southeast sureste se
map translate up arriba ar
map translate down abajo ab
map translate out fuera fu
map translate in dentro de

-- ensure normal prompt is setup in the game that matches this exactly, include the space in the end of the pattern:
map prompt ^PV: %d+/%d+ GP: %d+/%d+;


Make a new trigger with this perl regex pattern:

^\s*\[\s*Видимые выходы:\s*(.*)\]

that does this:

raiseEvent("onNewRoom",matches[2] or "")

Then enter the following in the input line:

map translate north север с
map translate south юг ю
map translate east восток в
map translate west запад з
map translate up вверх вв
map translate down вниз вн

That's it! Now you can do start mapping my first area.

Federation2 30003

Add this pattern to Triggers->generic_Mapper->English Trigger Group->English Exit Triggers


Define the prompt byː

map prompt You can see %.+ exits:

Now you can do start mapping my first area.