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Editor shortcuts

The following shortcuts are available in the Lua code editor:

Navigation shortcuts
Ctrl+Tab Focus next section
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Focus previous section

Selection shortcuts
Ctrl+A Select all text
Ctrl+Left click Add cursors
Ctrl+Alt+Up Extend custors up
Ctrl+Alt+Down Extend custors down
Esc Switch to one cursor
Ctrl+D Select words at the cursor
Ctrl+L Select next lines
Ctrl+Shift+L Select previous lines
Ctrl+F Opens the script editor's FIND dialog.
F3 Moves to the next FIND result.
Shift+F3 Moves to the previous FIND result.

Editing shortcuts
Ctrl+] Indent right
Ctrl+[ Indent left
Ctrl+Shift+D Duplicate
Ctrl+/ Toggle selection comment
Alt+Backspace Delete rest of the word left
Alt+Delete Delete rest of the word right