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What are they

They're automations that help Mudlet reduce administrative overhead. See Github's excellent overview for them.

Which have we got?

  1. Compile Mudlet in macOS. When: on every Git push.
  2. Update 3rdparty libraries used with Mudlet. When: every Friday night or manually. (This is: IRE Mapping script, Lua code formatter, character width algorithm, and our forks of edbee, sparkle-glue, dblsqd, qtkeychain. Note that fork updates don't check the origin repository but rather our forked version to ensure the main repo is up to date with it.)
  3. Update autocompletion information in Mudlet. When: every Friday night or manually.
  4. Update text available in Crowdin for translation. When: every Friday night or manually.
  5. Remove extra whitespace from commit. When: whenever called by typing /wslint in a PR comment.

All of Mudlet's Github actions are available in the repository.

Running actions manually

As a member of the Mudlet core dev team, visit the list of actions at Once there, pick an action, and use the Run workflow menu:

Running an action manually.png

You can also select a particular branch you'd like the action to run against. Press the button and your workflow will start running.