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This page contains changes which are not marked for translation.

Thanks for helping translate Mudlet to your language! Mudlet is a free, open-source project and helping it speak your language means a lot to us. :)

How to start?

  • Go to Mudlet on Crowdin
  • Select the language you'd like to translate.
  • Log in
  • Select development - translations - mudlet.ts
  • Start translating!

What happens then?

Currently, we are still working on this. It is not yet possible to run Mudlet with the new translations. Your translation is gladly collected as preparation to use as soon as the technology is ready. This way, we can immediately distribute Mudlet with multiple languages available.

Anything else needed?

Below the file mentioned above, you can find more content from Mudlet website and wiki. For example, international users want to read new release notes or documentation for specific Mudlet functionality, at best in their own language.