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Current versioning

Mudlet uses semantic versioning since 3.0.0.

Personal builds from Git: semver-dev

Snapshot builds for testing with users from a branch that is part of the main repository: semver-test-shortsha1

Snapshot builds for testing with users by CI from a PR: semver-test-PRprId-shortsha1

Major feature completed release: semver major+1 Various improvements/bugfixes release: semver minor+1 Emergency hotfix: semver patch+1

Examples: Mudlet 3.0.0 got released - development branch is now 3.0.0-dev. Any testing snapshots for users will be 3.0.0-test-shortsha1, and they are intended to be very short-lived. Testing versions for certain features will be 3.0.0-test-PR123-shortsha1. Mudlet 3.1.0 gets released - development branch is now 3.1.0-dev, testing snapshots 3.0.0-testing-shortsha1.

Past versioning

Mudlet 3.0 release cycle used a different versioning scheme: snapshots used versions from the unreleased release, for example 3.0-delta. This caused confusion as the name was shortened to 3.0 and people thought they were using 3.0 when they were not.