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This page describes where you can find various files related to or created by Mudlet on your computer.

Generally all Mudlet configs and profile data can be found in your user home directory, under .config/mudlet/

The home directory changes based on your Operating System, your username, and some Environment variable if you set them.

Default file paths

By default, the paths for each OS should match the following locations:

  • On Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\.config\mudlet
Or: %userprofile%\.config\mudlet
  • On Linux: /home/USERNAME/.config/mudlet
Or: ~/.config/mudlet
  • On Mac: /Users/USERNAME/.config/mudlet
Or: ~/.config/mudlet

Replace USERNAME in the paths above with your own username.

Technical specifics

Mudlet uses QDir::homePath() to determine the "Home Path" for the user currently running Mudlet. As such, the resulting path can be changed if the user does not have an existing home directory or if certain system Environment Variables are set differently for the application instance.

Please check the Qt Documentation for QDir::homePath() to learn more, if you're having issues with the defaults listed above.

Locations of Mudlet itself

  • Windows for official releases: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Mudlet\app-<x.y.z>\Mudlet.exe
  • Windows for PTB releases: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Mudlet-PublicTestBuild\app-<x.y.z>ptb\Mudlet PTB.exe