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Mudlet is a pretty powerful client with a ton of great features - which can make things difficult when you're trying to improve things. Change one thing, and another thing you weren't aware about breaks. Quality is important to us, so we like to test everything to make sure nothing breaks - but testing everything by hand, all the time, would use up a lot of resources. For this reason, we've setup automated tests that can be done by a robot - and we can then run them easily at the push of a button.

Rainforest interface.png


We use Rainforest for tests that involve the user interface - that is, clicking around on various buttons and knobs. It is quite intuitive to make new tests - check out the introductory animation on the Rainforest homepage or a video we've got.


We need your help in creating more tests! Check out the list of tests left to create. Would you like to join? Pop over to #mudlet-testing in our Discord and mention to Vadi, demonnic or Leris that you can help.

No technical prerequisite skills are required - you can learn everything needed by looking at the website's interface.