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Package Info

By: Wieczo

For(MUD): Achaea

Size: 4kb


Version: 1.0

Contents: Wieczo's Refiller.xml

Summary/Description: This package automates the refilling of vials. It handles inpot of 50+ herbs and you can decide how many fills go in a vial, e.g. two fills for artefact vials.

All elixirs are supported: caloric, epidermal, frost, health, immunity, levitation, mana, mass, mending, restoration, speed and venom.

Feedback is desired. If you have any questions, send me an email.

Related Packages: None.


  1. Install the package with Mudlet's Package Manager
  2. Open the script of the Refiller in Mudlet. It is in the group "Wieczo's Refiller/Refiller"
  3. Change wieczoRefiller.goldContainer to your container, where you store your gold for restoration refills, e.g. pack12345
  4. Change wieczoRefiller.pot to your pot id, e.g. pot12345


  • refill <# of refills> <elixir type> to refill <# of refills> of the <elixir type> with 4 fills.
  • refill <# of refills> <elixir type> <# fills> to refill <# of refills> of the <elixir type> with <# fills>.


  • refill 20 health refills 20 vials of health.
  • refill 5 restoration 2 refills 5 vials of restoration with 2 fills each.

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