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Mudlet uses modern C++14 for the core functionality of the application.

For programming newbies

  • C++ - covers everything C++ basics to advanced.

For experienced programmers

  • Pointers - the core basics of C++. While you can by without needing to know the details, you'll find it really, really useful if you do.
  • C++11 - know how to make your life easier with modern C++11.
  • C++11 Guide - fantastic guide on everything C++.

Helpful tools

Support tools

Good reading

Random tips and tricks

Determine what auto resolves to with:

 template <typename T> struct watzattype;
 void TriggerUnit::doCleanup()
     for(auto & trigger : mCleanupList)

Compiler will error and tell you the type, TTrigger*& in this example.