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Mudlet uses modern C++17 for the core functionality of the application.

For programming newbies

  • C++ - covers everything C++ basics to advanced.
  • C++ Discord - great community for help with C++.
  • Qt Discord - also a great community, this time for coding in Qt.

For experienced programmers

  • Pointers - the core basics of C++. While you can by without needing to know the details, you'll find it really, really useful if you do.
  • C++11 - know how to make your life easier with modern C++11.
  • C++11 Guide - fantastic guide on everything C++.
  • emoji breakdown - everything to know about emojis, is useful to know when working with Mudlet's internal text editing classes.

Helpful tools

Support tools

Good reading

Support communities

Random tips and tricks

Determine what auto resolves to with:

 template <typename T> struct watzattype;
 void TriggerUnit::doCleanup()
     for(auto & trigger : mCleanupList)

Compiler will error and tell you the type, TTrigger*& in this example.