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  • Send this whenever you need to send new status data to the client
  • Icon name should be an array of strings to allow for multiple options, so as not to lock multiple clients into the same iconset or icon names. Clients should use the first icon named which is available. All icon names MUST be sent in lowercase.
  • Details will very often be disused by the client in favour of "Playing <Game Name>"
  • Discord rich presence party variables should be disused if both size and max are set to 0.
  • The starttime and endtime fields should be unix timestamps (seconds since epoch). The starttime field will show time as time elapsed since this time. The endtime field will show a countdown.
  • This should send a full state rather than a delta.
  • Body: { smallimage: ["iconname", "iconname2", iconname3"], smallimagetext: "Icon hover text", details: "Details String", state: "State String", partysize: 0, partymax: 10, game: "Achaea", starttime: "timestamp for start" }