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Who is Rayth?

I've been a mudder for 4-5 years. I started off on Gemstone IV, created by Simultronics. After nearly a year of not mudding, I stumbled upon Lusternia created by Iron Realms Entertainment. I've since been playing Lusternia for some four years. For half those years I used the Nexus client to get my daily dose of mudding. In 2009, wanting to get into combat, and seeing that Nexus was unable to provide me with the tools to get into combat, I sought out a different mud client. I think I first tried MUSHclient, but just couldn't get into it, then tried cMud or zMud, whichever is free, but couldn't get into it either. So I decided to go back to MUSHclient, since I found it preferable to the other. After a while, my dislike for MUSHclient reached its peak, and I sought out a different client. Finally I found Mudlet and I've yet to look back. My main mud is Lusternia, though I dabble in Midkemia Online every now and then, and have tried out all the other IRE muds, and a few other non-IRE muds.

What is Rayth working on?

Most of my coding projects aren't really for the public, most are for personal use. One that is semi-public is my Demesne package for Lusternia, It's constantly being re-worked, so unfortunately is not in a state ready for semi-public consumption. A lot of my time is spent working on small personal coding projects, and whenever I'm up to it, wiki editing work. If someone request some coding work/help, if I am able I can try my best to help, and if I need to be found, I'm usually lurking in the #mudlet/#mudlet-help ircs.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.