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How to test your own scripts

Are you a package maker and would like to add some automated (unit) tests? Automated tests can be extremely useful in a medium to large package to ensure you don't break something else when you change one thing. Check out the LuaUnit package for this.

How to test Mudlet

Are you a Mudlet developer or Mudlet tester looking to test Mudlet itself? See below for some common scenarios:

Simulate a fresh install

To simulate a fresh install of Mudlet, close Mudlet first, then:

  • on Windows - find your windows account folder (typically C:\Users\YourUserName on English language versions), then the .config folder and then rename/delete the mudlet folder within. Also rename/delete the Mudlet registry entry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\mudlet
  • on Linux - find your home folder, then show hidden files, and find the .config and then rename/delete the mudlet/Mudlet folders within
  • on Mac - find your user (home) folder, then the .config and then rename/delete the mudlet/Mudlet folders within

Note that if you delete the relevant folder then you will destroy all the data for any previous MUDs you have played with Mudlet!