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Mudlet's mapper is split into two parts for the best compatibility on all MUDs - the display and functions in Mudlet, and a per-MUD Lua script that tracks where you are, allows mapping and provides aliases for using the mapper.

Pre-made mapping scripts are available from Mudlet forums. For more information on mapping scripts, see Mapping_script.


General Mudlet Mapper tips

  1. Don't move the room you're currently in, you'll go haywire
  2. The number when spreading/shrinking room selections it the multiplication factor - 2 is a good number to try
  3. Merging areas - see this how-to by heiko. In short, zoom out really far away on the area you'd like to move, and select everything (the selection affects all zlevels as well). Then right-click, select area, and move them to another area. Your selection will still be selected - do not unselect - but right-click again, select move, and move all of your still selected rooms in the new area so it fits.

Placing the mapper into a corner

Here's a snippet you can use to place the mapper window into a corner and have it automatically come up whenever you open Mudlet. To use this, create a new script (you can make it anywhere) and copy/paste the code into it.

local main = Geyser.Container:new({x=0,y=0,width="100%",height="100%",name="mapper container"})

local mapper = Geyser.Mapper:new({
  name = "mapper",
  x = "70%", y = 0, -- edit here if you want to move it
  width = "30%", height = "50%"
}, main)

Create mapper as map window

Note Note: available in Mudlet 4.7+

It‘s possible to create the mapper as a map window (similar to clicking the icon) like this:

myMapWidget = Geyser.Mapper:new({embedded=false})

This will open a map window with your saved layout (if there is one, otherwise it will dock at the right corner)

To choose the position of the DockWindow at creation use: (this will create a map window docked at the left corner)

myMapWidget = Geyser.Mapper:new({embedded=false, dockPosition="left"})

Possible dockPositions are left "l", right "r", top "t", bottom "b" and floating "f"
To change the dockPosition after creation use:

-- this will change myMapWidget dockPosition to "f" floating