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Mudlet release checklist

  1. 5 days before the release (14 if it's a long one)
    1. ☐ announce start of testing in Discord channel #mudlet-testing (add template text here), and link to latest download builds (from Latest Branch Snapshots, but double check that sha matches the latest commit)
    2. ☐ [automated] update mudlet.ts with the latest translations strings for translators to translate (using Qt 5.12.2+ lupdate -verbose -recursive ./src ./3rdparty/dblsqd/dblsqd ./3rdparty/edbee-lib/edbee-lib -ts ./translations/mudlet.ts)
    3. ☐ update mudlet_en_US.ts with the latest translation strings, translate/update the few plural forms it contains as necessary and then generate the binary translation mudlet_en_US.qm file and merge it into the repo (see Translating Mudlet - English (American) translation).
    4. ☐ merge outstanding approved pull requests
    5. ☐ create a new release-<version> branch off development
    6. ☐ go through every single commit (in main repo and installers) and ensure all new functionality is documented
    7. ☐ merge Area 51 documentation into the main documentation
    8. ☐ update (need to document how to upload)
    9. ☐ update built-in packages and scripts
    10. ☐ update edbee to latest in our fork, and the subsequent submodule
    11. ☐ update Patreon supporters in About tab
    12. ☐ go through every single commit and write up a newspost with the latest highlights
  2. on release day
    1. ☐ create Quick Redirect like (see left-hand side in Wordpress).
    2. ☐ create a new release in the 'release' channel in dblsqd. Make sure to enter the changelog right away, as it cannot be edited after. Include the full version number and a link to the release post (example). A command-line variant of this is: dblsqd release -a mudlet -c release -m "<message>. <a href="">See the changelog</a>." <version, ie 4.11.0>
    3. ☐ merge latest translations from Crowdin
    4. ☐ merge latest autocomplete json
    5. ☐ update and CMakeLists.txt to new version and strip out BUILD to be empty in release branch (release process starts here)
    6. ☐ tag in git
    7. ☐ reset BUILD in release branch to be -dev
    8. ☐ wait for the builds to complete...
    9. ☐ manually upload artifacts to;O=D through webmin
    10. ☐ manually link uploaded artifacts to dblsqd[1]:
    11. ☐ test that all binaries launch and work
    12. ☐ close github milestone
    13. update downloads on
    14. ☐ post news on - for all languages:
      1. Select English news and "Duplicate this". Repeat these steps for every target language.
      2. In right-hand side Languages tab, change language from English to German. Page will reload. Then write name of English post in the English box. Suggestions will appear. Click the original post to confirm. Translations are now linked. In the end, all languages should be interlinked.
    15. ☐ post news to
    16. ☐ make a proper github release (use turndown to convert release post html to markdown)
    17. ☐ post thread on
    18. ☐ post update on achaea, starmourn, imperian, forums, softpedia
    19. ☐ post update on twitter,, reddit,, torilmud,
    20. ☐ email to about the update
    21. ☐ submit mudlet windows installer to avg and avast whitelisting
    22. ☐ merge development into master branch
    23. ☐ update Linux distro maintainers, Chocolatey maintainer, flag package outdated on arch (release process ends here)
    24. ☐ merge, don't squash or rebase, the release branch into development (but don't delete right away, keep it around for a potential hotfix if needed. Delete after the next release is done). Do it right away so next day's PTB's versions is the new release.


 dblsqd push -a mudlet -c release -r "<release>" -s mudlet --type "standalone" --attach linux:x86_64 "<release>-linux-x64.AppImage.tar"
 dblsqd push -a mudlet -c release -r "<release>" -s mudlet --type "standalone" --attach mac:x86_64 "<release>.dmg"
 dblsqd push -a mudlet -c release -r "<release>" -s mudlet --type "standalone" --attach win:x86 "<release>-windows-installer.exe"

Individual contributor TODOs