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Package Info

By: ThePhoenix

For(MUD): Achaea

Size: 8kb

Website: Download it here.

Feel free to join my group, where I send out notifications of updates and bug fixes!

Version: 2.1

Contents: Script.xml, Triggers.xml, Aliases.xml

Summary/Description: The rift is sorted by type, and within each type it is sorted alphabetically. Any one group of items is ignorable on 'ir'. You can use 'ir group' to see a specific group, whether or not it is disabled. Currently, anything below 750 will be coloured red, though this will be changeable in future versions by group. Within the system, the 'ir help' alias will give you more information on the aliases to use. There is no API for this system.

Feedback is desired. If you have any questions, send me an email.


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