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The Phoenix

Feel free to join my group, where I send out notifications of updates and bug fixes!

A fun loving coder

I came onto the Mudlet scene from zMud in late 2010, after a long time of refusing to switch from zMud ever. The thing that finally got me to move over was, ironically, starting playing in a new MUD, Midkemia. Normally, I play on Achaea, but starting as a newb in a new MUD allowed me to start off on a new client... and now here I am. I've since quit Midkema, despite it's awesomeness, for personal reasoning. Once in a while, I still show up as Arandol.

Currently I am working on a number of addons to go with Vadi's svo, so I don't have much time to work on other projects. However, one major project I am working on, along with Saraphae, is DynDesc - A dynamic description system.

Other current and past projects

  • Rift Tracker 2.1 - a rift tracking script for Achaea.
  • BashSystem - a fully customisable bashing system that integrates with svo.
  • TotemLooker - a system to translate the runes on a totem, with three levels of fehu noted.
  • Enemy highligther - A highlighter that works for any clan, city, or house in Achaea. Possibly on other IREs!
  • Fish System - A fishing system that adds up how much your fish are worth, as you (or your friend!) catch them.