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Mudlet documentation

This is a manual for both Mudlet users and developers on using, or developing, Mudlet.

Main sections

For MUD Players

For Developers

Guide to using Mudlet client.

Introduction to Mudlet | Technical Manual | Migrating to Mudlet

Enhancing your Mudlet experience.

Scripting | Lua API and Reference | Geyser Guide

An overview of the key parts of Mudlet's source code.
Compiling Mudlet | Links to read | Testing | Versioning strategy | Github Actions
For game developers/admins
Websockets | Discord Rich Presence | Greg's GMCP snippet


Mudlet FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Mudlet.

Browsing the manual

There are multiple ways to browse through the documentation. Readers having trouble finding a particular topic in the section above or the category list may find the following ways of browsing to be helpful.

Improving the manual

  • There are still a lot of holes in this manual! See the 'to do' page for details.
  • If you can't find information on a particular issue in this documentation, please visit The Mudlet Forum and ask your question there and someone will help you.
  • Project:Manual is a place to discuss and co-ordinate the development of the Manual: namespace.
  • See also Project:Current issues.